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Our bedbug Eliminating Services

You can find bed bugs hiding in almost any place in your home: in furniture, in cracks in walls, and in ceiling holes. However, bedbugs cannot escape the eyes of professionals engaged in pest control. Bedbug Solution professionals find bedbugs in the best way and carry out targeted control.



Book a time with us and, our Bedbug Solution will not only inspect the affected room, but also all adjacent rooms to ensure we do not miss any bug.



According to the infected situation, insecticide treatments or whole room heat treatment are applied.



It takes a lot of effort, but it's worth it. Vigilance after professional treatment can effectively prevent this pesky critter from returning to your home.

Thorough Home inspection

Every home is different.  design a unique program for your home place based on the latest technology

Question: How do you check for bed bugs?

A: Checking for bed bugs starts by looking for evidence of bed bugs (molted bed bug skin, feces, live or dead bed bugs). Start your bed bug check in the area within one metre of the bed and anywhere else a person may sleep.

First you need to use a very bright flashlight. Carefully inspect mattress/spring bed seams, bed frame headboards and footboards for cracks, holes, crevices, carpet edges, bedside tables, and any items stored under the bed to confirm that there is no evidence of bed bugs. We will expand the inspection area to areas outside the inspection area such as sofas or any place where debris is allowed to accumulate.

bedbug Treatment: to disrupt the Bed bug Life Cycle

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Question: Does the first treatment for a bed bug problem always work? Or do I have to wait until the treatment is complete?

A: Whether the first treatment is effective depends on the level of infection and whether you, the customer, follow the advice during treatment. Keep in mind that if bed bugs are caught early and customers are aware, it’s still very common to try to fix this type of problem on the first try. But as a general rule, bed bug control requires 1-3 treatments on average.

After the first bed bug treatment, there may still be bed bugs seen, however, Bedbug Solution technicians will conduct follow-up visits to monitor the problem. Additionally, we will document the visit and recommend next steps to ensure the best maintenance method for your home.


1, Insecticide Treatments

Proper insecticide treatment is a very effective way to control bed bugs. Certified by a licensed PMP, three different types of pesticides should be used for best results. There are many different brands of pesticides, but one of the following broad categories should be used.

a, Treat wall corners, or gaps and cracks in furniture and housing, such as electrical outlets and skirting boards, with a dusting insecticide.
b, Use a fast-acting, contact pesticide on surfaces that humans frequently touch, such as sofas.
c, Use a residual insecticide on the inside of furniture, in cracks and crevices, and on the underside of surfaces we occasionally touch.

2,Heat Treatments

Room-wide thermal treatments require an exterminator to bring in specially designed equipment to raise the temperature in your home to kill bed bugs. Bed bugs and eggs die within 90 minutes at 48°C – 50°C. During heat treatment, the air temperature in the room is usually between 60 ± 2°C. Pest control experts will place remote thermometers throughout the home to ensure the correct temperature is reached. Experts keep a close eye on thermometers to make sure the temperature is high enough to kill bedbugs. Heat treatment typically takes 6-8 hours, depending on the conditions of the area being treated. Heat treatment will not have any residual effect, bed bugs may crawl to adjacent rooms to escape the heat, so precautions should be taken. Residual insecticides will be applied as a preventive step to the boundaries of the home/room where bed bugs are being treated.



Our Working Process



We do a thorough inspection of your home to check for current or potential pest conditions and work out how to deal with it, giving your customers what they need to be aware of.


Stay concerned

We care about the health of our customers and the impact of deworming on furniture and homes. We choose different methods according to the degree of disease and the object of treatment. We will do everything we can to prevent the re-entry of insects: sealing, caulking gaps.


Follow up

We will be in touch between regularly scheduled visits and respond to any immediate needs. We assist you in arranging the final cleaning of your home and removal of the characteristic bed bug smell.


Final Report

After the pests are removed, we will provide detailed service reports and recommendations to help keep your home safe from pests.

Need A Free Estimate and treatment ?

If you experience skin itching and red spot, it can be a problem from Bed bugs.

Successful bed bug treatment requires a combination of multiple products, methods, and reapplications. If you choose to get rid of bed bugs yourself, take your time, treat thoroughly, and retreat as often as needed until you are free of bed bugs for at least 30 days.