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What Bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs are small reddish-brown parasites that are sensitive to light and bite on the exposed skin of humans and animals while they sleep, feeding on their blood. Bed bugs have small, flat bodies that are oval in shape. They have no wings. Adult worms also did not develop functional wings. Adult worms are brown, while their bodies turn red after eating. Adult bed bugs move relatively slowly and are between 4 and 5 mm in size. Bed bug larvae are smaller and harder to see with the naked eye in low light. While bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, they can cause other public health and economic problems.


Bed bug bite symptoms

It can be difficult to distinguish bed bug bites from other insect bites or rashes. In general, bed bug bites usually include:
1. Redness, often with darker red spots in the middle, sometimes with depressions in the center.
2. Itching or severe itching.
3. Red and swollen packs lined up in a thick line or clustered in clusters (2, 3 or more).
4. The redness and swelling are located on the face, neck, head, especially the arms and hands.
5. Some people do not respond to bed bug bites, while others experience allergic reactions, including severe itching, hives, or blisters


how to get rid of Bed Bugs?

Bed bug infestations are not easy to deal with.
Coping with bed bugs:
1, Wash clothes and quilts at high temperature, dry at high temperature, increase cleaning frequency, and clean and isolate houses.
Chemical control measures are best operated by trained staff.
2, High temperature treatment: requires special equipment, this method is even more important if bed bugs have developed severely
3, Trained Bed Bug Detection Dogs: Detection dogs work with dog handlers to find bed bugs.


Keep bed bugs away your home

1, Use second-hand items. Used furniture, bedding, mattresses, box springs or bed frames should be carefully inspected for bed bugs before being brought home.
2, Hotel Notes. When traveling, check for bed bug excrement in the crevices of your mattress, and place your luggage on a table or sofa, not the floor.
3, Community bed bug shelter. Thoroughly remove bird and bat habitats within the complex that may serve as bed bug sanctuaries.
4, For apartments, sealing cracks and crevices around water pipes and electrical wiring will help prevent bed bugs from crawling into your home from next door apartments.

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